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Lockyear Cabinets

This project was undertaken to give a conceptual fresh look for this local business, elevating the brand image and providing a flexible logo suite. The logomark was designed to incorporate a carpentry join, giving potential customers an obvious indication of the businesses industry at a quick glance. Some earlier iterations of the logo consisted of two simple interlocking blocks making the L, which was then improved upon to find the sleek lined logomark seen below. This was then paired with a clean, easy to read typeface which I believe to be an improvement on the current typeface which has some letters overlapping while others are spaced apart. Scroll down below to see more!

Lockyear Project Page-01.png

We can see here that the current typeface uses both blue and red together, which can be difficult to read in some lights and especially hard for those with colour blindness. This was considered when deciding to to use two shades of blue, coupled with white to make the branding easily legible.

Lockyear Logo Ideas 2-09.png
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