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Kitchen & Bar

White House Kitchen & Bar is a culinary sanctuary where exquisite dining experiences come to life. Their esteemed fine dining establishment is renowned for its unparalleled dedication to customer service and the artistry of gastronomy.

White House required a sophisticated logo and font pairing suitable for such a brand, which was achieved by creating a stylish monogram of the letters 'W' & 'H'. This monogram can be used as shown in the main logo, cut into a circle and paired with the elegant serif typeface or used in its own form surrounded by the business name as seen in two of the alternate logos.

White House Project Page-01.png

The distinguished monogram cut into a powerful burgundy circle suggests both elegance and affluence, burgundy being a colour associated with power and wealth. The logomark could be used separately to apply elegant branding  to wine bottles, menus, glasses, etc.

The serif font Cardo was selected for the wordmark as it is a classical style font, adding another layer of sophistication to the logo. This font would then be used throughout the restaurants menu for the titles of each section, with the sans serif Jose Sans used for the kitchen & bar tagline for the name of each dish as well as the ingredients as this provides good contrast as well as legibility.

This project started out as an entry for a logo contest and this design earnt a place as a finalist in the competition, although it didn't win. It then became a personal passion project for which extra mock ups and other images were designed as seen below.

White House menu mockup
white house sign
white house waiter
White House banner pic
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