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If you live in Australia you would recognise the name Total Tools as one of the major tool shop companies in the country, with 118 stores currently listed across all states. However, some might agree that the current branding used doesn't necessarily reflect the excellent range and quality of their products. The cartoon tradie is deliberately vague by design to signify that they offer tools that cover a wide variety of trades, but it also looks too cheap for a business as successful as this. Therefore, we have proposed a much more professional looking logo and branding package that would look amazing on store fronts - scroll down to see an example of this!

Total tools Project Page-01.png

Creating a symbol that captured the essence of the business' slogan was very important and after brainstorming the infinity symbol seemed like a powerful way to express this. In our initial concepts we realised this could be tied into the word tools replacing the o's with the symbol, but it wasn't until a little while after that this got refined into the nut shape that you see in the finished work. This development then led to the entire typeface being custom designed using the nut shape as a base for each letter, making the entire design feel very cohesive while giving it a completely unique feel.

Total tools Fivrr artwork-01.png
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