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Custom Designs

As well as offering services to businesses at 9T1 Designs we also cater for individuals with a broad range of custom design solutions - from elegant invitations that set the tone for your special event, eye-catching posters that demand attention, we've even designed a custom suit lining for a wedding!

We're dedicated to bringing your ideas to life with a passion for excellence and attention to detail you can expect your vision to be executed to the highest standard.


Custom designed invitations - both digital and physical; for a special event for you or a loved one. Tailor made to your specifications, with our expert hand to create unique pieces that reflect your or possibly your child's personality.


Fully custom, one of a kind posters of your favourite band, tv show, film or anything else your heart desires! We will make your dream a beautiful reality.


As mentioned above we have designed a suit lining for a wedding, there is no design problem we won't attempt to solve for you! If you have a question about any piece of design please feel free to send an enquiry.

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